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Every single player in this game has their own history, their own perspective. I find it interesting how you can see different wars from different views. It is part of the complex tapestry of this community, how grudges shape wars, how politics become influenced by the past as well as how history is taught to those of us who come much later. All in all, I enjoy learning history from different standpoints. Doesn't mean I agree with those standpoints but learning and seeing why people do what they do and the impact it has largely on the game and politics itself is something of amazement to me.

CN simply wouldn't be CN without those who stand out against the masses and those who follow as well as those who call out others and the troublemakers. As much as we'd like to call them dissidents, they contribute a level without that would make the game boring if they did not exist. Peace doesn't work simply without having opposing sides, something to unite together for. I, myself, enjoy how different people play different sides. It may not be what you agree with but you can't deny it makes things interesting as a whole of the community.

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