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I started a topic here in the boiler room on the topic of fear. Fear as I said is a protective instinct. We have basic emotions and instincts. Fear is one of them. A child burns themselves and they fear doing it again by association but then it becomes a broader spectrum when you apply it to emotions. An instinct that protects the organism when applied to emotions of humans changes meaning. It can actually inhibit a human being to the point of becoming a hermit and not being capable of interaction. It can actually limit how much you interact.

At the same time, those who completely ignore fear tend to become reckless and put their life in danger. This instinct is it really necessary? I think it is but at the same time we can't allow it to control ourselves. I wonder why some are so reckless.

I've noticed on here there get to be times when people will put aside cultural norms and put themselves out there, take themselves out of their shell and disregad their instincts completely. How beneficial are instincts in a human world? They keep us safe in a life and death world but when you apply culture and human emotions, it completely transcends everything to a different level and a different situation. How do you acknowledge such a basic thing? Where do you draw the lines and how do you keep awareness? To what level is it crippling? To what level do you need to be wary? What allows you to be you without sacrificing these basic instincts and living in a bubble?

It is something I ponder because it affects us as all at human nature.



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