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I thought I would address a few questions that I get asked four times a day on IRC, but can never answer in the hysterical environment of Alliance Politics (or Alliance Announcements as it is now known).

  1. Is Emperor Charles back? There have been wild rumors about EC6's return for a long time now, inside and outside of NADC. No, he is not back. EC6 was an interesting guy. I disagree with much of what he did in FA, but he was wonderful at economics and finance. He helped me out a lot when I first came to NADC. As far as we know, he is gone for good.
  2. Does NADC EZI/PZI ? Currently, there is no one on NADC's PZI list. In fact there was only ever really one person on that list. That should show you what sort of standards we keep for PZI. AS a rule, we do not PZI, however, we like to keep our options open. It is a wonderful deterrant.
  3. Why is NPO in a Blue Economic Bloc? This is an Agora question. I've lost count of how many times I have answered this both on IRC and the forums. This is generally rooted in the jealous hatred of NPO all around Planet Bob right now. I think it is a testament to Pacifica and Moo's patience that they have refused to answer such shrill propaganda.
    Anyway, NPO is in Agora because they were asked to be in Agora, they were valuable founders of Agora, and they had a positive relationship with many of the founding signatories before the Accords were ever signed. IN other words, NPO signed on for the same reason the rest of us did. We all had mutual economic interests, and quality friendships. Additionally, many people forget there are about a dozen NPO nations that are in Blue sphere. They are significant also. For example, my friend and former NADCer, SetiCrunchers resides in the blue sphere and he rules one of the largest nations on Planet Bob. So, NPO has blue interests, and blue relationships. They were invited, and they are a valued signatory that gives much more than they receive.
  4. What is NADC's biggest asset and biggest deficiency right now? Well, our biggest asset is our people and our biggest deficiency is also our people. Like many alliances, we struggle with inactivity and a lack of discipline. However, our active members are wonderful people that are loyal and dedicated. We have a great group.



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