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What's on admin's mind II




I thought I'd take a moment write a quick blog update. As you may have noticed CN has received a bit of an influx of new players lately. I’ve been testing out some new methods for promoting CN and also trying to get those new users who join the game up to speed and involved by putting up the CN Demo video and things like that. Of course keeping the game fresh with new updates helps a lot too but I’ve been in and out lately because of a recent loss that my family and I are coping with right now.

I have been planning and working behind the scenes though and a few user interface changes will be coming soon for things like receiving a message if trade partner is sanctioned, team seniority records, some updates for alliance chart, etc… I also have plans for some gameplay changes like scaled cash loot in battle for larger nations, adding some new (positive) events, preventing duplicate events, making military deployment cost money, etc… I don’t have a time frame on these changes just yet but I’m hoping to get some of these updates rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

Tournament Edition Round 3 is nearing an end and things are starting to get exciting over there. It seems that there’s been an increase in the number of wars recently as players are starting to fight for their way to the top spot. Remember the winner of round 3 gets to submit a custom flag design of their choice to be added to CN Standard and Tournament Editions. I still have not received a custom design from SammyKhalifa who was the winner of CN:TE Round 2. If anyone has seen him tell him I’m still waiting on his flag submission. Tournament Round 4 will begin on 2/26/2008 and I’m planning to reduce the cost of spies and spy missions to make spying have a bigger part in future rounds. I'm also considering shortening the tournament rounds to 2 months instead of 3 but I'm not so sure on that idea just yet. I've also added a CN:TE specific suggestion box so if you have any ideas that you think would be good for CN:TE then head over there.

What do you think of the updated Cyber Nations forum layout? It’s taking some getting use to but I think the new forum structure is much better. I miss The Water Cooler being near the top of the forums because that’s always been a good one-stop shop for getting my daily dose of RL news when I don’t have time to check out the new sites like CNN but I’ll get use to the new location. Thanks to the moderation team for collaborating on the restructuring and getting it done.



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Noticed advertisements over on total war center, twcenter.net since they changed their advertisng provider.

I'm not adverse to change but I'm not sure I appreciate the new forum layout. I find navigation more akward and confusing, that is perhaps just me and others prefer it.

Game changes are welcome as always. I have been getting nothing but negatives events for ages now so new positive ones are always welcome. Military deployments costs sound interesting assuming they are proportional.

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- The separation of announcements from other IC threads makes a lot of sense, I like it.

- Shorten TE, generally it tends to stagnate after the first month, so making it only two months would be better. Cheaper spies are good too.

- If you do scale looting, that max loot shouldn't go over a million, considering fighting pure defensive you still could lose 6mill a day/ 48 mill in a cycle of wars, and fighting back and hitting other targets potentially lose over 15 mill a day. Losing several million dollars shouldn't be a disincentive to try to attack back, wars are more fun when the system is designed to encourage people to fight back.

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Sorry about your family issues.

Good to hear that CN is getting an injection of new blood and new ideas :). (But, folks, if you wish to comment on the proposals, they each have at least one thread in Suggestion Box <_<.)

I'm happy to see TE working so well and being so competitive.

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