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Sincerity or lack of it?




It seemed strange today as I was cordial to people on OWF as it made me realize most people on here use sarcasm. It is the universal language of CN. And heck I don't mind it since I usually use it. However in an unusually positive mood towards everyone, I used a lack of sarcasm and it can be surprising when thoughtful posts are produced from it. Or maybe not so surprising.

I don't doubt I won't use sarcasm again but it is interesting how one can have a debate without the sarcasm and without the bite it can almost be friendly no matter what alliance you're in. If you say what you mean but say it a tone that has no superiority in your voice but states your matter, you can simply disagree. No tactics to it but the truth. It lends almost a compelling edge to someone's argument because it is simply the truth with well intentions.

That was my thought of the day that sincerity can have it effects. The only downside is then you don't get the amusing explosive debates and trolling. ;)



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