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Someone tell me I'm special :(




So pupal stage was better than I thought. Everyone says that’s when the youngins’ go through this period in their life they become more rebellious towards the adults. But I just never saw this side of things mainly because I was engulfed in a cocoon-like cover.

Tomorrow is my big day though! I get to help out in chamber 42 with chopping up bits of forage the workers bring in. This is supposed to be a test and also to help feed our Queen. I’m learning fast and really excited to see what’s in store for me.

Oh, forgot to mention. #604, #1479, and #656 seem really nice. Maybe they’ll be my friend?



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When you get out of your chamber, you HAVE to head over to Tunnel B-376, Level 4 and check out some hotties! #1379 and #1583 have a couple of the perkiest thoraxes you've ever laid compound eyes on!

Also, check out #1662, #1672, and #477 over in Tunnel G-32, Level 2. When the music starts they can really shake those abdomens!

Oh, and avoid Tunnel N-122, Levels 3 through 7 - #699 has a weird aphid fetish. You don't want to know.

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Just a bit of advise, don't fall for the whole "Lets all do this for the good of the colony" thing. #260 got to watch out for #260. Well, make sure do work, because they'll bite head off if don't, but make sure to take time for #260

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