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It's been a little while




Well all of my CyberNations friends, it's been a little while since last blog post... I've missed you all a great deal. [/lies]

I'm finally beginning to get fully established and into the swing of things at MK, and i've been loving every second so far besides that fine gentleman Supri... I'm currently taking place in my first raid against a random nation for absolutely no reason on behalf of the kingdom. It is ever so much fun! :)

I went to see that new movie "NOTORIOUS B.I.G." about that wappa biggie smalls... it was good movie. It was funny, because everytime someone would smoke a blunt in the movie, someone behind us was smoking weed in the theater. I ended up standing up and telling them to either stop smoking, or invite me up.

I've had a good week, and I think said good week will be continuing :)

Best of luck to all of you out there... I'll try and frequent the blog a little more often.



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