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Question: Which is your favorite alliance other than NEW? And why?




Sigelopisan: “I Like The Phoenix Federation, Because if I was not joined the alliance, I think I will delete my nation at that time”
Vibi: “GPA! Because they are the only alliance which not make you must stay in the al-liance, they will boost your nation, but when you want to go leaving them, they with all their heart will let you go…”
Plumiash: “Poison Clan, because I like the way they raid…”
Xahono: “New Pacific Order, because many dislike them and try to destroy them, but too bad, they are just bunch of strong people and NPO is not destroyable… ”
Jeff: “NATO, because they are pretty friendly alliance, huh?”
Cyrus: “Mushroom Kingdom, because I like their Nuclear Policy…”


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