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The Proposal




I spent about 4 hours today putting together a little Military Proposal for TOOL... and to be honest? Everyone rejected it. They liked literally 1 out of the 5 sections of the proposal... I worked really hard on it >.<

It's been hectic for me around the house for the last day or two... Two actually I suppose. Mostly, I've been trying to re-introduce myself back into the Cybernations world. However, i'm having a little trouble coping with both that and school.

As you know, I was suspended from school, and rather then be basically expelled, I decided that I would just finish the classes that I still needed the req. credits to finish, and make the school pay for a home tutor for myself. It's going well, but I'm on an early graduation track, and will be graduating on Jan. 29th. However, the teachers at the school were not informed of this. The superintendent laid it completely on my shoulders to inform everyone what the plan was. That being so, the teachers haven't been sending the proper workloads for me to finish school Jan 29th. It's making everything rather crazy... >.<

Anyways, I made this huge proposal, and everyone is just so negative. To be honest, I don't see why we couldn't even just TRY some of the points I outlined. The current TOOL system is in borderline total disrepair. If GW5 happened right now, and we somehow got dragged in, we would just be completely and utterly screwed.

The guy's were right though... We aren't an aggressive alliance... And I'm not sure how I feel about that. I wouldn't say that TOOL is afraid of war. I think it's true but I wouldn't say it. I wouldn't say it because if KG wrote up a DoW, and posted it on these forums, I think it would be immediately followed by o/'s from TOOL, and we would attempt to mobilize some sort of pitiful war machine.

The fact is that I live in America. I'm used to a gun culture. I'm used to competition. I would almost compare myself and the culture that i've grown up surrounded by as Huegoth or possibly Viking in nature. Just a place where brute strength and morale fibers are two separate things. Places where the strong and mighty are put on pedestals and praised as gods, and the weak and wimpy are left on the ground.

I guess that's all there is to say on today... Besides the fact that I'm getting really fed up with everyone being so... so...

You know what I want to say here -_- I'm just not gonna say it.



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