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First days back with Cybernations, And Second day at new Home; TOOL




Do you think Fen could hold his own conversation?  

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Do you think Fen could hold his own conversation? Mia from TOOL does. To be honest, I kinda could see that.

Anyways, I'm Fen... I used to play CyberNations. I was a member of Atlantis for quite awhile through my last nation. Stopped after hitting in the neighborhood of 40k NS. Just got bored of it, let myself get inactivity deleted. To be honest, it wasn't that big of a decision. Atlantis was on its way down, and I was entering a new and exciting part of my life.

Starting back out in Cyber Nations, I went to the NPO. To be honest, they got lucky, and were the first ones to get me an Alliance recruitment letter. I enjoy joining Alliances when I can give someone credit for the recruitment. Having been a recruiter, and being a recruiter again now, we all know how tough it can be out there... New alliances get somewhere between 4 and 25 messages just after having joined the game. It's hectic to be sure.

So I was a member of NPO... I wasn't exactly forthcoming with them about my re-roll status... I had nothing to hide, but there just didn't appear to be a real good reason to tell them. I was a member there for about two day before I made some silly joke and got kicked out... I guess it happens. I wasn't too sad about it to be honest. I had already met some great people, and was happy to be part of the Alliance, but it wasn't a thing that I was gonna waste my time crying about.

During my NPO time, I wasn't assigned a mentor. However, a really nice guy who was well known within the alliance came out of the wood-work and decided that until I WAS assigned, he was going to take over my initial training. Even to this day, after everything, he's still a good supportive friend, and is there for me when I have questions or need guidance. The order should be greatful to have members as talented, active, loyal, and efficient as him.

This first post in my blog is in honor of my friend and mentor DarkNecromance of the NPO, as well as a few people that I consider to be very good friends of mine, current Councilors of NPO, Lord of Darkness (LOD) and Brehon. At the end of my time in the NPO, I made a comment about Brehon that i've regretted since I said it. It was fully jokingly, and whether he believes it or not, I have the utmost respect for him.

o/ The New Pacific Order (Should consider changing that to OPO now though :>)



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