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Hello! I'm Woryand, and I've been playing CyberNations for a year and a half or so in IRON, NPO, and most recently Sellswords. I've recently gotten unhealthily obsessed with this game, so I decided to create this blog to occasionally comment on a bunch of random stuff I've been thinking about (probably better than spamming up my friends' dm's about them, anyways), which will probably be mostly related to CN but maybe a bit of other stuff too. Doesn't seem like any players have created any blogs in nearly two years, so I don't expect anyone to see this, but please do comment if you do -- wouldn't mind some new method to procrastinate on stuff.

Also, uh, does anyone have any recommendations for learning more about CyberNations' history? I've tried looking on the wiki, but there's just so much and I don't know where to begin...



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5 hours ago, lilweirdward said:

Was wondering how long it'd be before someone finally made a new blog post lol. Good place to start with history is this page of the timeline of CN wars. You'll go down a lot of rabbit holes from there but most of them are generally useful. 

Ooh, that's a page I've never seen before. Looks like something that'd be very useful -- thanks!

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