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Micro World War- Sign Up

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Lord Hitchcock


After many talks in the Leauge of Micros, there seems to be enough interest in pursuing Planet Bob’s first ever ‘Micro World War’. 


The suggested rules of engagement are as follows:


1) All interested alliances are divided based on stats into two equal teams.


2) The Micro World War will have an official start date (hopefully in march) and a duration of NMT 14 days- both parties will know the start date well ahead of time.


3) There will be a ‘no ghosting’ policy after the teams are equally divided until the conclusion of the world war.


4) Participates of the world war waive their treaties until the completeion of the war.


5) After the world war concludes, the chips resist and if it’s a success, we aim for another one in 6 months (with new teams picked) and we’re hoping to do this twice a year. So please help make this a success!


It is encouraged for the alliances participating to bring their pride and their flags waiving, enjoy the propaganda and the comradely. The only ‘losers’ are the ones sitting on the sidelines. 


Please in-game PM me if you think it would be fun for your own alliance. Not sure if you’re a micro? If you’re pondering that question, then I bet you’re qualified.


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Don’t worry wobbles, there is lot’s of interest. We’ll find someone for ya :) You should talk LSF into participating, it’ll be fun!


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On 3/3/2018 at 9:32 AM, Stonewall14 said:

League of Micro Penises gonna bump heads lmfao....:P


That's the point! 

It's a brave new world, Stony.

Bumping heads is our way of staying awake. Sitting in a crowded AA is not fun anymore.


Micros will inherit Planet Bob.


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