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The Zigur





Alright, so for the general understanding...


  1. The purpose of a functional alliance sovereign is to lift the AA above the state of nature
  2. Developing civilization increases hard military assets like tech and warchests, but also the promotion of culture, membership count, economics, etc
  3. Civilized alliances go to war to defend and advance their strategic interests (i.e. developing hegemonic standing, protecting allies, the "game of thrones" etc)
  4. Rogue nations and AAs disrupt forward progress, especially during peacetime, by crippling growth, harassing developing new nations, etc, without any rational long term strategic gain


So for the TLDR, alliances used to crack down on rogues alot harder in the old days because conflicts tended to be more controlled in nature, and more directly based on large-scale political interests. Nobody liked rogues because no one wanted their high infra nations getting nuked while trying to build warchests, nor do you want new nations getting harassed while trying to build wonders. Universal cooperation against (and condemnation of) rogues was more of a thing.


These days, there has been an effort among some political powers to use rogues as part of their strategy, or to shelter or aid rogues. For example, AM supported Ericsw123's attacks against us in June because it hurt warchest development. I assume they thought of it as softening us up down the road, or perhaps trying to trigger a losing war for ISX. Others simply turn a blind eye when convenient.


These days, with rogues running around left and right, and AM outright cheering people like Khan, we need to put the foot down on what we consider terrorism (support of rogue attacks for political ends). We did this with Methrage, and now we do it with AM. If we fail in the effort, then we feel too much of a precedent is set, be it for future attacks against ISX, as well as attacks against our allies.


We will not succumb and live under the equivalent of servitude to the whims of rogues. We will fight this threat until it is no longer a threat, or we cease to exist as an alliance.



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7 hours ago, AtlasXero said:

So based on this and my understanding. The reason we hate rogues so much is because they attack people to stop growth?


That is essentially the reason, yes. Rogues reduce the local situation to the state of nature, where barbarism and chaos prevails. This is why most wars and fighting are down in the lower NS tiers.

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On 8/17/2017 at 7:47 PM, slymenstra hymen said:

yes yes i concur rogues are bad. almost as bad as your posting.

The grammar here is atrocious..... Capitalization and Punctuation turn

"I feel ripped a$$holes."


"I feel ripped, a$$holes."

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