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The world as we know it




It's no secret that this world is beginning to dwindle, and the end of times is close. The question is, how do we go about stopping it? We've tried shaking it up, we've tried leaving it be, and yet the game continues to die off.


This game needs new blood, and an active admin. But we can't expect admin to suddenly get active now that the game is dieing, he has even less incentive than he did before. So it falls on us, the players to bring this game back to its former glory, or into a new chapter of its existence. So, how do we get a mass recruit of players? Is there a way? Or do we fade out with a whimper, a decaying and decrepit thing? Do we wait until the lights go off, and then reminisce about how great a game it used to be? If so, can we really blame it for dying, when we sat back and watched it unfold?



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I feel a reset with a wonder cost and requirements reduction, would be the only real option while there is a resemblance of a player base left.


Disregarding the potential loss of players from it and the dated look of the game.... Doing so will make those new people that find the game potentially stick around a lot longer when the competition from last to first place wouldn't take many years.

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I agree, a reset or a second server would be great.


A reset might piss off a lot of people who have had their nations for 3,000 days and have perhaps donated. So you leave Bob alone, you create Planet Barbara? and then people can play on both but more importantly you can massively recruit to the new world and newbies have a reason for wanting to stick it out.


I remember early in the game, even though the NPO had a hegemony most of us joining could compete as nations, and create alliances that could punch above their weight. 


Yet the Admin does not seem interested in anything that will save the game. I don't know why. I don't really understand. I am assuming they must have other priorities and this is just a hobby.

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The game is dead and what killed it was a combination of factors:


1) Everything is compounded, so even if a new player joined or a new alliance formed, they mathematically could never measure up to alliances like NPO and quite frankly could never make a difference on the world stage.


2) The Christian Trojans war followed by Letum's burn the tech campaign casted a huge shadow on game play and Kevin did a poor job of correcting it... quite honestly he keeps the lights for the easy monthly income and has given up on the game himself. 


3) The rulers now are the same rulers 7 years ago... not really alot of fresh blood flowing and the ones who are governing are grown up and do not care anymore.


4) The treaty web, specifally umbrella, iron, NPO have locked this game up to a point a dispair. Even the alliances skirting around trying to get things moving can't because the other end of communication is inactive.


5) No one uses forums anymore, irc is a ghost town and unless you're down with discord then it's in-game communication


6) It's a browser based game... admin refused to put in the effort to make it an app


7) There were some dumb admin people who went on a crazy shin dig banning active players: Al Bundy's former nation, Walsh the Beloved


8) Even when there is a big war, the receiving end just quits. STA, TPF, MI6, NEW..... the alliance left are here for one more horrah


9) Ivan Mondovi came back and not even he could get anything rolling


If there is any effort to revive the game- any at all... you pretty much have to blow everything up and start from scratch. And when that day happens a lot more people will be leaving rather then coming in. The last hoorah of this world is to see NPO land farm to the point of getting into DBDCs teir and then you'll see DBDC/Umbrella hitting NPO/NpO and IRON will find themselves jumping to the winning side. Curtain closed.


The real fun anymore is tournament edition... and it resets after 3 months. Our guys don't really even bother with SE anymore.

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Beginning to dwindle? This game has been on the tail end of its downward spiral for quite some time now.


Admin really screwed the pooch on making this game into something and keeping it that way, but I'm sure he's well aware of that fact (and for that matter that he cares little, which is of course his prerogative). There's a small minority of players that still care about this game and would work to make it worthwhile again but even if we were far more numerous in number I'm not sure it'd work without game staff being of like mind and for that matter it'd likely be too little, too late.


Not sure how much longer we have with this game but I have a hard time wrapping my mind around Admin pulling the plug (simply for the fact that it's been around so long). We'll see!

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My time here is done, I am only returning to check on things and let my trade partners know of my impending inactivity.


Would a reset bring life back into the game for me? I cannot say, but I would be willing to try once more if a new server were to be created.

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On 7/2/2017 at 1:40 PM, Idiotman said:

My time here is done, I am only returning to check on things and let my trade partners know of my impending inactivity.


Would a reset bring life back into the game for me? I cannot say, but I would be willing to try once more if a new server were to be created.


new server imo is better than a reset, let those with massive nations and have donated keep their nations. Let everyone else scramble for a new hold on the new server.

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10 hours ago, Fox Fire said:

It's dead. After numerous attempts to resuscitate the the corpse, eventually you must accept that it's dead. 


No fox, say it aint so, where will we go?


Maybe a bunker in Idaho?

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