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A Confession, A Profuse Apology, and a Promise

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I've had an epiphany.  You see, I was basking in ignorance and have recently been enlightened.  I have truly experienced revelation.  


You see, here I was, fumbling around CN, bored, seriously considering letting my nation finally die.  It's been in the works for several years.  I've found no motivation.  No desire.  I feared that CN no longer offered anything to me.  It is, as we have all noted, slowly dwindling into nothingness.


Then, TBC, as nothing more than a few loudmouths (Yes.  I'm talking about me, so don't read this into my ongoing feud with Gibsonator21, a feud brewing since the CSN/DT spat about reps that I never got) spouting a desire to make something happen, declared chaos.  It is a valid CB.  I stand by that !@#$.


This is where the epiphany happened.  I was lurking around, looking in the most half-assed possible manor, to sew chaos.  A target, presented itself.  It was easy.  I declared for the reason that I would be bored before the end of it.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I lost interest.  It was boring.  I didn't finish it.  I logged back in after like 5 days (somewhere around that mark) and found that our (the collective our) mutual acquaintance...


...one that it would be rude to call out, so, let's come up with a pseudonym...one that nobody could possibly name...lemme see...I was going to go with Junktard, but that is trademarked....how about Princess Tiny Hands...yeah, that'll do, Princess Tiny Hands....


Sorry, I got sidetracked.


Anyway, I found that Princess Tiny Hands doesn't give two !@#$% about his nation, but if a person points out the moronic dribble that rolls incessantly from he and his ilk, he loses his goddamned mind.  I mean, like pubes on fire, running for water, falling just left of a can pineapple juice, loses his mind.  


So my apology to the whole of CN.  For several years, I have seriously missed out on the opportunity to use logic in the face of delusion.  For several years, I have seriously missed out on what really bothers Princess Tiny Hands:  Contradiction.  My apologies to the entire community for missing what is so obvious.  I'll endeavor to make it up to you.


Apologies in the sincerity of harmonious contradiction,

Smurthwaite, a humble servant of the peoples of CN, on who endeavors to bring a new motivation.

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