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Monsters Inc Characters on Planet Bob

Lord Hitchcock


I have decided to post pictures of Monters Inc characters and linking them to some of the fine rulers on planet bob.

This is about as historically accurate as it gets for us and our relations with them.


Lord Hitchcock





This one is clearly a given, mainly because it's my avatar in an alliance that is M Inc- themed. Also, it quite suits the profile well. A troll with a slight case of napoleon syndrome.


King Neptune





By far one of my best friends on Planet Bob, the story with King Neptune is my favorite. He was on FARK's perma ZI list and I literally bugged FARK until they had me write a micro beer review to get him off their list... in hindsight, I think FARK was just sick of me bugging them. Anyway, he's over 10 years old and has the wonder heavy muscle to protect my micro butt.


Lord Hershey





If DS was at war in the last few years, it was most likely with us. When coalitions can't handle us, they run to Hersh. This picture clearly sums up the Lord Hitchcock / Lord Hershey past.


White Chocolate





Make no mistake, White Chocolate has certainly spent her fair amount of time dropping the hammer on us... but she also loves us (and we love her).


Almighty Grub





Very-very mean, heartless ruler. The Villain in Polaris.







Very-very nice, kind ruler. The white knight in Polaris


Immortal Junka





Always messing up... always a target on his back.






The current Planet Bob Enforcers






Does not believe in "fun". A war to him is simply spreadsheets.




More to be edited-in later...







Recommended Comments

On 1/22/2017 at 2:17 PM, Immortan Junka said:

I agree that messing up ended up with me being Supreme Triumvir of LPCN :awesome:

This is an example of the type of statements that Junka makes now and then that have always amused me.  It can be read ironically or as literal, depending on how one feels about LPCN.  In other words, he is either saying "If I really messed up all the time, I wouldn't be the leader" or he is saying "I got put into a leadership position - man was I foolish to agree to take it."  Reader's choice.

Edited by White Chocolate
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On 1/22/2017 at 0:55 PM, Banned said:

I'm in shock that my picture wasn't just of a spreadsheet based on your repeated perception of me.


As am I... I have a picture I made of you based on what I think you look like and it is based in spreadsheet. Damn sexy though, it gets me revved up.

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