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If enough minarchists, anarchists, Libertarians, and socialist Libertarians want a clan which bindicates us beyond our nation. We could create the greatest community ever.


I love guns, Freedom,  debating different anarchist views and how to prepare a government collapse.


If people with the same interests still are around, let's band together and create the most Libertarian Clan ever. Ideology test to join and an alliance who promotes freedom when forced into action. Let's change the landscape or disappear due to growing apathy.


If enough want in, I'll stay on a new nation. Although without a Libertarian alliance, there is nothing left for me here.395_Anonymous_Guy_Fawkes_Anarchy.jpg            399_Anarchist_Flags___Star.png390_Symbol_for_Agorism.jpg382_Anarcho_Gadsden_Flag___Dont_Tread_on


I welcome Agorism, Anarchists & Libertarians of all flavors. Debate is healthy, together and working together we have much more power to make real change than any of you might think.


Nations of Anarchy is the current name, but if benter names are suggested and supported by most; it could change. If you love freedom, you are betraying yourself if you devote yourself to alliances who don't value it; as you let a false sense of obligation cause you to fade away in clans with no ambition or real brotherhood.


I have one foot out the door, but if enough want to make CN fun again and network with like minded people; I'm willing to give CN another chance.


Liberty or Death, Molon Labe, Free State Project, Freedom is a State of Mind



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