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The Rebbilon




Once upon a time, there was an alliance of sorts called The Rebbilon.


I remember them often these days. If I compare you to them, it probably means you're both amusing me greatly and not very important in the game.


They were an offshoot of a bunch of wannabe spies in the ODN, led by a guy called Pete McAvoy (I think that was his name originally; his only real spying effort I know of was this thread about Polar). Anyway, they were a bunch of anti-ODN rogues, and back then the ODN was a pretty easygoing alliance, even more so than it is now. So their complaints of oppression were ludicrous.


As was their spelling. And grammar. And just their whole writing style, in a language that closely resembles English. Some of this stuff has to be seen to be believed.


Rebellion announcement

rebellion victory


Offical end

Orange defense network


So anyway, if I compare you to them, and you're having fun doing what you're doing, keep it up. I don't think I could take this game if it was serious.



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I'm re-reading, and it hurts.


To say their opinon on them and atttacked us. With no mercy. They claimed we attaemted spy tryed to get allainces to destroy them and vandlise the wiki. All but the last is true. A member did vandlise the wiki but I or the entire rebellion idid not know tell he told me. I told him to not do it.


^Every LPC-related post in recent memory. (Only add in a bit less coherence.)

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Yeah it's safe to say that their style of writing is such that you either split your sides laughing, or want to do something awful. If you're the first kind of person, which I am, read on, otherwise don't make yourself depressed. :)

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