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Chapter 1 / Empire Rising



A Libertarain Empire is Born, bringing new possibilities of freedom on this world.


Originally recruited into an alliance called Mutually Assured Defense, eventually I got invited to join a Libertarian Alliance called the FCC.


Within the Libertarian Empire, I quickly felt at home debating complex Libertarian issues and interesting conversation were had.


As soon as I could run for the Senate, I did and easily won. I easily won re-election the next time. However as the previous leader was stepping down, his replacement was a High Court Judge who wanted me to take his place in the High Court. I was also a Citadel Representative and Director of the Citadel Trading Company.


The noCB War began and I knew there was no way the Citadel or any of our allies would support FCC defending MK. They warned us it was risky, if they weren't flat out 100% opposed to us signing one. I ended up leaving to join MK to defend them on my own, having recently become nuclear capable. One other FCC member also left to join MK for the fight. I learned a lot about maximizing damage in nuclear warfare and taught me much about the combat system.


Due to friction with a founder, many other leader from FCC left after we me to form a new alliance called Onyx Hand. I joined and was made the Triumvir of War. I made guides and organized the military. However FCC was on the verge of death with no leaders left, so an agreement was made Onyx Hand would merge in with a new Charter Written to allow more decisive action.


I was elected King with everyone who voted doing so in favor of me, however one member obtained. I quickly made the FCC into a military power, prioritizing aid programs to getting everyone fully nuclear capable. The FCC performed very well in the Karma War against Karma, didn't break a sweat. Also the FCC more then tripled in size between me stepping up as King and me stepping down.


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