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From: End of Round XP Farming Not Allowed



In game XP Farming has always been against the rules, but seems to become the new thing in TE.


Warnings will be given and XP Taken away. On second offense of breaking this rule you lose ALL your XPs


So be mindful to disable XP when declaring End of Round wars.


For Reference: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/128336-end-of-round-xp-farming-not-allowed/

Source: End of Round XP Farming Not Allowed


Recommended Comments

Is this a rule for the Tournament Edition or is it also a rule for the Standard Edition???

I can't ask in the thread because it's in the TE section and I don't play TE...

I am not sure what XP farming is.... in the STANDARD EDITION (in TE I don't care, I don't play TE).

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