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The Sanction Race is ending




Effective December 31st of this year, I will be ending my involvement with the Sanction Race.


Simply put; after eight long years, the Sanction Race is no longer something that I enjoy doing. It has become a chore rather than an interest - something that has carried on only due to inertia of expectation - something the frequent streaks of irregular updates only serve to make more clear.


I would like to thank the dozens of people who have helped with updates throughout the years, especially during the early days when it was just getting started - Supri and Diomede were particularly active at the time; as were Adrian LaCroix, Arcadian Empire, and a handful of others who have momentarily escaped my mind; Logan, for (re-)starting the whole thing in the first place, whichever hapless mod made the sorry decision to pin the damn topic and stop it from disappearing within a few weeks; the legions of people who helped with small, periodic updates along the way; and finally, to all of you who enjoyed it, posted comments, left feedback, trash-talked your opponents, and argued about numbers throughout the Sanction Race, Warstats, and Survivor series - you provided the energy to keep it going for so long, and I couldn't have done it without you.


Keeping the Sanction Race for so many years has always been an honour, and the gratitude and thanks I've received from it has always been most welcome. It was a pleasure and a privilege to do something like this for so long, and though our paths will cross less frequently in the future, I wish each and every one of you all the best moving forward.





Why now?
When I started doing weekly updates so many years ago, it just so happened that I did it on a Thursday, and it's been Thursday ever since. Two Thursdays from now will not only align with a month-end update, but also a quarterly update and *also* a year-end update. Combined with this being the eight year anniversary of the Sanction Race and the ten (yes, ten) year anniversary of Cybernations, it seemed like a good clean-cut milestone to end off at.


Can I convince you to reconsider?
No. The light at the end of the tunnel was the only thing keeping it until now.


Is this because NPO beat you up?
No. This decision was made at least three months ago.


Are you leaving CN?
No. Not yet, at least, or unless admin discovers my multis.


Is someone else taking over the Sanction Race?
I have made no such arrangements.


Can I threaten you to reconsider?
No. Well, you can, but I'd be very sad because my infra still has that new car smell and I don't think admin offers a warranty.


Recommended Comments

This is a prime example of the game taking things for granted. Despite our limited contact over the years, sir, I want you to know, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that I appreciate all you ever did for this community. If the game had more you, it would have less blah. Enjoy your respite, you have earned it.

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Thanks for all the stats you crunched over the years, Gopher. It's been one of the near constants in CN that I've always enjoyed checking up on, especially when the race was tight. Enjoy retirement, you deserve it. <3

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But really, thank you for all you have done Gopher. The Sanction Race is the main reason I come to these forums these days. You've been a pillar to the CN community. I'll miss you. :(

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