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The Zigur


Greatest 30 Day Alliance Gain

Supernova X


"Weigh the fist that strikes men down

And salutes the battle won."


Supernova X at 10,000,000 Nation Strength, September 2014

At a time when much of the world languished in barbarism and chaos, the formation of Supernova X provided hope to four dying civilizations who attempted to create a sum greater than its parts. MCXA, LoSS and GDA in particular were very old alliances that contained the fading light of civilization preserved as it once was... possessing an atmosphere of civility and respect.

It was no surprise then that when Supernova X was formed it immediately attracted the attention of barbarian warlords from distant regions on the treaty web. Although some members realized the threat the barbarians would pose, the majority went about their daily lives like ordinary civilians, unaware or uncaring about the invasion being prepared.

It was said that the Imperium would never fall to foreign armies; but unfortunately, it could fall by its own hand. Over the next several months, bureaucratic infighting and bad leadership degraded the SNX military and the government became a circus.


The weakened Imperium military is crushed by enemy forces during the Doom War

During the Doom War, a massive assault was launched against Supernova X after the government failed to resolve a minor military incident involving a Supernova X nation. The war that followed lead to most Imperium worlds coming under siege, with government hiding in peacemode. The few worlds that fought suffered poor morale, lack of logistical support and overwhelming enemy hordes.

Internally, this would trigger a crisis that lead to the formation of an autocracy centered around the same elite that previously controlled through a corrupt democracy. Soon after, a major split occurred after an attempted coup by mid-level officers against this elite, which was suppressed. These officers fled to distant space, forming the Black Knights which later failed.

Over the following several months the Imperium would continue to deteriorate, with more than half of Imperium space lost. The remaining Imperium territory was weakly held, with almost no state presence. Piracy and corruption would plague the majority of the Imperium by July.


July Revolutionaries establish the Strategic Command and Revolutionary Guard

In July the dying Imperium was hit with some bad news: New Polar Order, the last treaty partner of Supernova X, was cancelling. Barbarian forces immediately began preparing for raids into Imperium territory. But having learned the lesson of the Doom War, the membership of Supernova X was not just going to submit to another rolling.

Across many Imperium worlds, both the masses and military forces rose up against the corrupt former government. In desperation, Masterchief777 attempted to establish a provisional government to suppress this revolution, but to no avail... the newly formed Unified Command expelled him from the alliance.

As news of the revolution spread, the attackers panicked and immediately organized a genocidal effort against Supernova X, demanding that the Imperium be destroyed. However, the new Military Command (MILCOM) centered government quickly fell into place, organizing the conventional military under Strategic Command, and the paramilitary militias under the Revolutionary Guard. By the end of "Shark Week" the Imperium had survived and finally ratified a workable system based on the value of the producer.


The New Imperium fortifies its members against further barbarian incursions

On November 3rd, Supernova X would defeat Masterchief777 and rescue numerous nations that were lead by the traitor down the wrong road. It would prove itself capable offensively on short order in regional conflicts. The redesigned Unified Command along with strict classification guidelines were critical in ensuring Operational Security (OPSEC) was preserved during the planning of the offensive.

The fact that the Imperium thrives today... let alone is still standing... is a testament to the courage and sacrifice of average members of Supernova X finally given the opportunity to achieve freedom of potential. Today we are only a fragment of our former glory, but we are hardened by the experiences of the past and expanding at an unprecedented rate. The key to this is our superior culture and civilization, where values like honor, respect and chivalry still live.


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Junka you have a way with words, i'll give you that i've always admire your way with words. but basically you disbanded an alliance cause you didnt like its leader good job (insert thumbs up) pat yourself on the back. Although I should of listen to Flubb and Yoso and went with the coup those were good times

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Junka you have a way with words, i'll give you that i've always admire your way with words. but basically you disbanded an alliance cause you didnt like its leader good job (insert thumbs up) pat yourself on the back. Although I should of listen to Flubb and Yoso and went with the coup those were good times

Masterchief777 disbanded AFRO in a last gasp of treachery, as he saw that his people wanted to rejoin Supernova X. So he dumped them on none to try and complicate the situation with outside raids.

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