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Policy Regarding Tech Received From Multis




Regarding Tech Received From Multis

The moderation team has been researching, discussing and reviewing the issues surrounding tech received from nations deleted as multis. We have provided the information found during our research to admin. With the approval from admin the following new policy has been established starting today:

Any tech received from a nation that is deleted for a multi will be removed.

We have reviewed such nations from over the past year or more. In some cases, the technology received from multis is considerable. This is unfair to the majority of people who have played by the rules. We may remove that tech. It is possible that we may also go farther back. In any case, we reserve the right to review past offenders and adjust nations as deemed necessary.

This announcement is for information purposes only and not for interpretation. Any responses that are in violation of the forum rules will result in a warn. Speculating and posting accusing others of having multis will result in a full warn, not a verbal. Multi reporting should be done in the correct forum.



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Is this retroactive, or just for future reference? I imagine not, but clarification is always good.

In any case, we reserve the right to review past offenders and adjust nations as deemed necessary.

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Sorry to be more clear. Yes, it is for future reference. However, in situations where the amount of tech is egregious in past transactions we reserve the right to remove it in that instance.

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I like how this is tagged sensual. Oh Keelah, your roguish charm will net you a lucky vulture one day and a nest full of hatchlings.

That is closely guarded staff insider information I'm afraid.

Edit: I misread you, my apologies for misinterpreting your intentions as trying to learn of Keelah's nesting habits.

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Long long overdue.

One can research for suspect behavior of individual nations here:


If you cannot copy paste tables in excel, there are plenty of addons in chrome to copy paste tables in excel or Google sheets. Once in tables, you will be able to better organise and interpret data.

Hoping moderation teams could share nation ids of multis, that would speed things up.

Alternatively, one can out suspect I'd of receiving nation on that field and see the aid history and you may be able to spot past banned nations and AAs and correlate and report a suspicious behavior via that route.

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I believe it was legal until it was outlawed and grandfathered nations were allowed.

I could be wrong on this, but what was grandfathered in was same network nations. The rules for those nations were the same for the rules on same network nations now - no aid transactions, resource trading, aiding eachother in war, or going to war against eachother. I don't think they were given a free pass to make as many same network nations as they liked to funnel themselves tech.

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