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Suggestion Forum Change




Moderation Team Blog

For suggestions that have reached enough discussion time, I have posted and from here on out moderation will post the following in each thread:


Please fill out the following form. Once filled out it will be submitted for review by admin.

Suggestion Title:

Link to Suggestion:

Summary of Suggestion (with details if needed):

View in support of the suggestion:

View in opposition of the suggestion:

View in support will be written typically by the OP. Be specific. No Politicization.

View in opposition will be written by one of the detractors of the suggestion. Be specific. No politicization.

Once this is completed this snippet will be posted up in this pinned thread. Once there are enough suggestions (around 5) for admin to review and they will be notated as either Denied or Under Review.


Once that form is filled out then it will be posted up in the pinned thread and then admin will take a look and decisions will be made as to whether they are Denied or Under Review.

I have hit some of the current threads have been at discussed at least 3-4 weeks now and older. If you have a suggestion that is in that section you think still is valid, please post in that thread and I will post the form for you to fill out.

It will be up to those who disagree with a suggestion to pick one of the persons to write up the opposition view point on that suggestion.

I hope this will help.

Edit 9/7/15

After review and feedback there is now a moderator in charge of summarizing suggestion threads and posting them up in the pinned thread in the Suggestion Forum: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127397-suggestions-ready-for-review/



Recommended Comments

"It will be up to those who disagree with a suggestion to pick one of the persons to write up the opposition view point on that suggestion."

Seriously - we can't even agree on what day it is and you expect folks to agree long enough to disagree?

Just be honest and let Admin continue to ignore the suggestion forum instead of all this extra silliness. We know he ain't gonna look, you know he ain't gonna look, he knows he ain't gonna look and for those of us whose only entertainment left in this grand experiment is the forums it appears you are going out of your way to suck that last bit of joy away as well.

Stop moderating the bejebus out of everything.

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The intent is to get good ideas where they will be implemented and improve the game.

By including a spot for the other side of a suggestion to give their two cents, I thought would be helpful. If that is going to be difficult then it will be revised to not include it.

Only goal here is to improve the gaming experience.

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However there are multiple viewpoints. Someone makes a suggestion. I disagree with it because of gameplay issues. Someone else disagrees with it because it doesn't hurt folks enough. A third fellow agrees with it but with some modifications. By the time a good discussion has taken place there are many salient points.

Take the top 250 issue for example. Many good threads, many good suggestions and many good reasons to ignore those suggestions. They are not getting summed up in a couple of bullet points and certainly by the time that a mod filters them it would be difficult to give even the impression that those points were presented fairly - opening up a whole can of worms about mod bias blah blah blah.

I thought the intent was to make less work for you, not more.

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You are probably 100% right. We'll give it a spin and if it doesn't work, it will be modified or dumped. I will then admit proudly you were right.

Figure it's worth a try.

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No offense, but.....

This seems far more complicated than it's worth. I mean, why would we post a suggestion (in a far more complex manner I might add) after we just posted the exact same suggestion before? You're basically just asking people do your job, and/or post the same exact thing twice and sum up the pages of argumentation coming from X amount of view points, which like EEJack pointed out, can't really be summed up with a couple bullet points.

Can't you guys just read through the suggestion thread once in a while? I mean, that's how it's worked until now, right? Course I understand there are a whole lot of suggestions and the vast majority are probably pretty stupid, but....

This just seems more complicated than necessary on both the player and moderation sides.

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No offense taken.

And like I told EEJack, you are probably right. We are just going to give it a go. Worse comes to worse we will drop the Pro/Con part of the equation.

As far as rest of the form, sometimes it's best that the person making the suggestion explain it then myself or other mods trying to summarize it because we don't always envision the same thing when two people read the same topic.

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