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The Meaning of Revolution

The Zigur



(Disclaimer: this speech was made after consuming a few beers, and if an alliance leader doesn't occasionally drink beer while playing CN, they are failing at life)

((This speech is dedicated to Dajobo, who I found to be an inspiring leader and a great friend ever since I returned to CN in 2013. He is currently in the hospital and I ask that all others share my prayers for his swift healing. He has a warriors heart and I have no doubt that he will defeat his ailments in short order.))

As the Imperium enters the first month of revolution, the signs of our rejuvenation are clear to all Nations. In less than a month our aid slot usage has surpassed the goals of our 5 month plan, and, being purged of parasites, SNX is experiencing an economic miracle. Although I made some speeches and cool looking pictures, this miracle is not due to myself but to the countless nations in SNX and abroad followed the Way and contributed to our final victory.

This struggle began back in 2014 with the foundation of the Revolutionary Order Party. At the time I had been cast out of the Hand of the King position in House Baratheon; destitute and homeless, I created the Party to advance the ideals I believed in: the rising of the producer class and the return of Order to cybernations. Eventually, LoSS accepted me as a member, and my ideals became incorporated into the reconstituted SHADOWS unit.

As commander of the SHADOWS unit in LoSS, I pushed for raid-recruitment and the concentration of the most valuable alliance members into a military meritocracy. I rewrote the constitution of LoSS to reflect the principles I had condensed in the Revolutionary Order Party, and we prepared for our transition into the new Supernova X alliance.

Unfortunately, as a non-government member of LoSS I had no part in the writing of the Supernova X charter... however, due to my services in LoSS I was appointed a founding Senator of the post-merger alliance. My appointment came under immediate fire of reactionaries across the world who feared my vision for the alliance. I suspect many, in mocking me, in reality feared my vision for Supernova X, and were not willing to sacrifice their "ideals" of democracy and divided government to advance the Imperium.

As SNX Senator, I became close to Polar, especially Emperor Dajobo, and found myself appreciating his rare sense of honor and kindness in a cold and exploitative world. It shouldn't be a surprise therefore that I was in almost-daily communication with him, seeking to align SNX with the New Polar Order. When I was later expelled unjustly by the corrupt court of SNX, he vouched for me and brought me into Polar at great personal political expense.

Now, previously in CN I had learned from individuals like Ivan Moldavi and Vladimir regarding leadership ideals... Ivan stressed things like discipline, while Vladimir had stressed ideology. Dajobo stressed caring for ones members, and it impressed me how far Dajobo went in ensuring all his members were care for and heard from. He later confided in me that he picked this up from Emperor Electron Sponge, but I do think it was a character quality, and it is one I try to emulate to this day... not just looking at the organization as a unit, but helping every member to achieve this potential. I was lucky to have these leaders "show me the way" in discipline, ideology and caring over the years before returning to SNX in July.

In any case, over the months as I predicted it would, SNX degenerated until I finally returned in July at the prompting of several senior members, and I arrived in a disorganized Imperium robbed by many months of corruption and manipulation on the part of the close circle of corrupt officials. Several members, including Edward Graceford who would eventually become my second in command, opposed my return, stirred up by the malice of Masterchief777.

However, when I moved out the duplicitous acts of the former government, including secret charter changes, to the full view of the membership, popular opinion swiftly changed to support my revolution. It was at this point that many members who had opposed me now fully supported this revolution. It was also at this point that the "raids" began against SNX, in my opinion, primarily to preserve the status quo, that SNX should die a death of inactivity and ineptitude. Our members received mass-PMs declaring the illegitimacy of my return, declaring that they should desert from SNX to join a traitor.

Many of you cannot imagine the emotion I have writing this part of the post. Many times throughout the past I have been scorned and spurned, spit on and lied against. I was told that my return to SNX was futile and would be mocked in the end. Yet these members who had so little to give, so small in stature, were giving their all, standing beside me and nuking the raiders, refusing to capitulate in the face of almost-certain defeat. I had earned nothing from these members, and yet in support of my vision, they were standing to the end, in a way no one else ever did. At this point I must recount the names of these Heroes of the Revolution, because when I thought I would stand alone against the world, they stood with me:

Edward Graceford







Uncle Don

Strider Yoshi


Blind Cyclops


These members stood next to me, willing to fight to the last breath, and to them I will have eternal gratitude. It was their courage in the face of mountains of propaganda and military might that made SNX's success today possible. There is only one word that can express this incredible loyalty: love.


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