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The NPO- the menace and the threat



History as we know it is a series of event that must be studied, to produce tangible effects. We make our prognoses based on what we have seen in the past. And we hold people ACCOUNTABLE for their past actions. The NPO's atrocities are numerous, as we can all agree. What we can't agree on, these cybernations nations, is that the NPO is RESPONSIBLE for the destruction of many nations/alliances/NAAC.

In the aftermath of the "THIRD GREAT WAR" the NPO claimed total victory of the bob. but this was not enough for theM: their treachery knew no bounds, and by forcing one half of the world into an unhappy alliance and humiliating the other half, their remaine donly the PEACEFUL GUARD. The GUARD were interested only in building a ns, but no, NPO IMEEDIATELY plots against them and their destruction. I have the screencaps. NPO, you can't lie your way out of this one.

The most disturbing thing is that they are still permitted to own their lofty position. I will begin organizing the WUT, the WORLD UNITY TREATY, to turn on the NPO what was once their greatest source of power. Those who claim to have done nothing wrong, are nothing but bystanders that permitted evil to continue. These individuals will be dealth with also.

And then YOU will know the taste of humiliation. The ridiculous reparations and ILLEGAL VICEROYS that were shoehorned down innocent alliance's throats. The GOONS the accomplices will get a taste of their own IMMORAL raiding.


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I can't recall Pacifica demanding reps for the past.... many years. Like, seriously, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you'd have to go back pre-Karma for that. And Viceroys were probably even longer before that still.

You need new material. I'm imagining your hackey stand up routine is full of Murphy Brown and Gallagher references.

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