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The Many offenses of the NPO



This HEGEMONY, the NPO, must be held accountable for their atrocious actions throughout the years. Why are they still the major power in this, the world? Who is responsible for their rise to power? The answer is the gang of crooks that has run this organization since its inception, and a weak cybernations that have allowed the NPO to do what it wants while never holding them accountable. Why does one alliance get an entire trading sphere to itself? Hear me, those who are ready to start the resistance against this foul empire. A reign is only a reign so long as an ILLUSION of power is maintained. The Vox Populi will not allow this to continue...

MORE to come...


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If you want to blame an alliance for their rise back to power, that would be Umbrella's doing when they allied them putting them back on the side of the current hegemony.

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NPO will always rise to power, NPO will always be the alliance everyone hates but everyone wish they could be, its quite a funny love hate relationship you all have with NPO.

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First they came for AEGIS, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not in NAAC.

Then they came for ONOS, and I did not speak out—

Because I was 14 years old and didn't know $#!%.

Then they came for a bunch of other people, and I did not speak out—

Because I was busy getting rolled.

Then they came for Ordo Verde, and got the !@#$ kicked out of them, watched years of work crumble, and their allies abandon them as members of this world deemed their tyranny had gone too far.

Then we let the past be the past, and... moved the @#%! on?

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