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Value Added




I've read over and over that there are too many alliances on Planet Bob. No particular rationale comes to mind though. I imagine that it's because the treaty web becomes more complicated, and people have to do extra work to liaise with so many alliances. I don't think there's anything wrong with a multitude of alliances, so long as they add something to the CN community. The NPO, for instance, is the only alliance I know of that invented their own full fledged political philosophy. That's something unique. That adds something to the CN community. The Gramlins fashioned themselves into a haven for some of the brightest economic minds in the game. That adds value. The MHA has a theme based on a novel (or series of novels?). That adds value. The real problem is having a vast array of alliances that don't have a unique theme, or goal, or something to differentiate them from the others. Then they just become a clone, and where is the purpose in that? What do they bring to the table? If each and every alliance that we have today brought something unique to the community, we would cater to a much broader spectrum of interests, and I think everyone would enjoy themselves a lot more.



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You copied my idea for a blog name! :((Merovingian:((

That said, I pretty much agree with your thoughts on this matter 100%. The problem is figuring out which alliances are generic, and which ones are original.

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