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New adventure




Hello, my friends. I'm looking for a new alliance. I did leave SNX in good standings and no I didnt leave it cause it look to be a sinking ship I loved those people. Pretty much I'm looking to streatch my legs and try something new and what not. So I left and I am looking for the best recruitment message. best one and i'll sign up. What do you get with jrkee (keeology) well let me tell you! an active guy who is fun and is willing to help out where ever he can.



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You can notice at the end i'm kinda rushing and don't finish big -- i'm back home for a wedding sat and mom comes home -- you can hear the garage door at the end.

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If you are willing to continuously send 9mil and 100 tech to SPATR nations with all your aid slots for the remainder of your nation existence, then perhpas SPATR Leadership can possibly take your membership application into consideration.

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