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An Apology, unsolicited for deeds so foul, yet are more than likely entirely unknown

Captain Enema



To LN, my apologies, what I did a few days ago was uncalled for and inappropriate.

Yet, Methrage is still a ding a ling who needs mental help, but yeah.. what I did was wrong. I am old enough to know better, which is why I deleted what I posted in the place that I posted it.



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???? I support Methrage's efforts and I thought the "Free Candy" bus meme was hilarious

don't sweat it, it's the owf (if people take things too seriously, they need to loosen up and not be so tense)

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Dafunk? What did udo dis time, TBM!?!? Your antics and tomfoolery is great entertainment and quite effective at inciting psychotic despots into saying and making foolish actions....o/ I salute you my friend and would reward you but it is your job so just keep up the good "work"....:P

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seriously, people take this game too seriously. Don't let it get to you.

I don't.

Dafunk? What did udo dis time, TBM!?!?

I'd prefer not to get smote for mentioning exactly what I did on an open forum.

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