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The 'C' word



I have decided to share this with you today to put it in the open so people can be informed correctly and hopefully for those in my age group, get a check up!

On the 23rd of Feb this year I heard the dreaded words from my Doctor, "you have cancer".

Without all the boring bits, a ton of tests and scans later and I know it's bowel cancer and also cancer in my left kidney.

On Monday the 13th I will undergo surgery to have it all cut out. That means a couple of weeks in hospital and a substantial recovery period.

The good news is the surgeon believes in 12 months I should be living a normal life again and 100% cancer free.

Btw I'm 49 with a crappy family history for this so the warning signs were there, but I ignored them until I was in serious pain...

If you are around that range, GET A CHECK UP!

P.S. If anyone hits my nation while I'm gone I invite the whole world to burn them to the ground!


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Excellent news!!! Dajobo, we don't know each other but, being in the same age group, this really hits home. God bless and get well soon!

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God Bless and Godspeed on recovery, my Mom had colon cancer surgery 1st of year and at 47 I am having another Colonoscotomy done for good measure as my last one was 5 years ago...Jesus is the great healer, so prayer works miracles!

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