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The 'C' word



I have decided to share this with you today to put it in the open so people can be informed correctly and hopefully for those in my age group, get a check up!

On the 23rd of Feb this year I heard the dreaded words from my Doctor, "you have cancer".

Without all the boring bits, a ton of tests and scans later and I know it's bowel cancer and also cancer in my left kidney.

On Monday the 13th I will undergo surgery to have it all cut out. That means a couple of weeks in hospital and a substantial recovery period.

The good news is the surgeon believes in 12 months I should be living a normal life again and 100% cancer free.

Btw I'm 49 with a crappy family history for this so the warning signs were there, but I ignored them until I was in serious pain...

If you are around that range, GET A CHECK UP!

P.S. If anyone hits my nation while I'm gone I invite the whole world to burn them to the ground!


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As someone whose aunt and father both have cancer, keep on fighting. Don't give up and maintain a positive attitude the best you can.

Hope everything turns out for the best for you :)

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You and your family will succeed better and beyond, and you'll realize once again what a lucky man you are.

(To solve any concern for attacks just find a nation sitter.)

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Bowel cancer...gah I knew someone who I used to work with who had that and got to the stage of not being able to control them, he left it a tad too late....

By the sounds of it looks like they caught it in time even if you was stubburn with the warning signs.

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You and your family will succeed better and beyond, and you'll realize once again what a lucky man you are.

(To solve any concern for attacks just find a nation sitter.)

I have faith in the community so will test it out ;)

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I went through 48 weeks of chemo back in 2006-2007, so believe me when I say I know what it's like to sit around and ponder one's mortality in a very real and completely !@#$@#$ scary way. In my situation, it didn't help that the meds I was taking listed thirty-two possible side-effects, of which I managed to exhibit thirty-one. (Everything but hair loss. Go figure.) The good news for me was that apart from one biopsy, I didn't need anything invasive done.

I'm also 49, and just yesterday had my first (of two) meetings this year with the specialist monitoring my own high-risk situation. Each April and October, every year for the last few years, I've submitted to a battery of tests and then waited nervously for the results. So far so good, and yes, knowing is far better than merely hoping that everything will be OK.

I trust your doctor is correct and your recovery will be smooth and complete. As I learned during my own treatment, CN is (unfortunately) something that doesn't require a whole lot of energy to keep up with if you don't happen to be in a position of authority. With that in mind, defend your own damn nation! You'd think you were sick or something. Sheesh.

All the best.

(byw....Isn't middle-age totally awesome?)

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I should also like to mention that when I saw the title of this at the side of my screen, I thought you were going to call one or more people a bunch of c*nts.

Not even kidding.

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Good luck Dajobo! I know quite a few individuals who have gone through this surgery and it can occasionally be rough. Stay positive and I'm sure you'll recover 100% and be good as new. Will you get to experience the wonders of pooping through your stomach?

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i got 99 problems but bowl/kidney cancer ain't one. Went for other bowl related problems after the general practitioner didn't know if it was the kidney that wanted to kill me or that the pipes were clogged. The blood was fine and the rest was fine (ultrasound showed no baby, would have loved being the first male giving birth but oh well) and after some nagging they gave the good stuff to get the pipes working again (this was at the point that just sitting or laying down completely exhausted me and when it was so white that there were some confused identity problems with printer paper).

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