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Why do we play a 2006 browser based game??



So this is 2015, GTA 5 came out a year and a half ago, one of the greatest games to date. Yet here we are, yapping about that alliance sucks, that alliance should die, that alliance should be rolled. What is the point? We are ruling fictional nations and trying to be powerful. LOL. So I have been thinking about it, why is it we care so much? I have a few ideas, including my reason. Please post your reason or thoughts on it.

-Low Self Esteem. This game is an escape from the Real World. This is a reason I play. I hate the real world, it sucks big you-know-who. So I come here to have some fun, escape the horrors of everyday life. Actually CN may take up my time, I am really improving and I think CN helps me mature IRL. I can take out my immaturity here instead, it really helps thanks for putting up with me, guys.Typcially trolls and active members of the community.

-Power Thirst. The good old looking for power and you really cant be in a postion of power in GTA yelling at 12 year olds.They will own you. Anyway, these guys are usually have dick bosses IRL and come here to get power. Typically seen in Alliance Leaders and some Goverment.

I think those are the two main reasons, why do you play? What other reasons are there?


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I think it is difficult to justify the thousands of hours we have all spent on IRC and various forums. I also think it is very difficult for people entering the game now to understand why such importance is placed on the systems of Bob, how can you understand when you don't even know why Crymson hates Grub or why Hell froze over or any of the litany of events that have underpinned the game from the outset (and everyone has a series of events that are important to them that shaped the way they play or who they are IC).

The game rests comfortably in the hands of its community, unlike most games. The game mechanic has never been the most important function, and usually the community responds to keep anyone who gets too far in front from pulling away in any facet. Until lately you could pretty much see the future in rough terms. It simply isn't for everyone, Candy Crush is more important to millions than CN, but I could never see myself spending thousands of hours playing that.

The proof is truly in the pudding, CN survives despite the fact it has never been that exciting, despite the fact its graphic representation is almost nil and despite the fact that the entire world and its technology have changed by at least 300% since I started playing.

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I play because I find great people around here... all types. I love my friends and wanna be with them... and playing this game/fighting/scheming alongside them is what keeps me close to them since we can probably never meet IRL due to different time zones..

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The game interface allows for the community and the politics to be completely community run, too. Giving the players the framework for how actions are executed in a game and letting them work out the rules for when and where actions are taken, and against whom, and for what reasons. It's like a more complex version of Risk, which can be done on a board or on a pencil. Games where the user's imagination can be adequately expressed without having to code in tons of actions, and where the communication matters too, will always have their place. Look at tabletop Dungeons and Dragons - mostly imagination. Still popular anyway.

It probably just comes down to the fact that we're all dorks in some way or another.

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I think that we play because, like CoC and CC, we love to build our "bases"

and become strong. It is fun to know that you are in charge of something so massive. I have always had a strive for making my own government or country. When I found this brilliant game, I fell in love.

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