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Hardcore Lulzists: Part 4



"Step on it! Step on it!" Hershey screamed in terror, "They're gaining fast!"

"I can't help it for now!" said an exasperated Cuba, "Once we hit the open road this baby will pull away!"

The Red Mustang sped down Main street, with 10 sets of flashing lights in tow. Cuba's hands were beginning to shake. He pumped the breaks and veered onto a side road. The Mustang careened left, overshooting the turn. the right tail of the car clipped a lamp-post before speeding down the road.

"Can't you !@#$@#$ drive straight?!" Hershey was braced against the mid-armrest of the car. "You may not value your own life, but I swear to god if you take me with you -"

"Give me some tech." Cuba snarled.

Hershey looked stunned. "You're in this situation and you want to get high?!?!"

"Grab the needle and give me the tech woman! I need some to take the edge off! I haven't had any in the last hour.... it will help me drive just give me a damn shot!"

"You're that addicted huh..." Hershey said blankly. "Whatever, grit your teeth because I only have one arm to do this and the car isn't steady."

Hershey fumbled through the metal box under her feet. She grabbed a needle and filled it within seconds. With little subtlety, she jammed the needle in Cuba's right arm, quickly injecting the silver solution into his veins. Cuba let out a scream, and his spine shook. The car swerved right, but quickly straightened out.

Cuba exhaled. His hands were steady, and seemed to melt into the steering wheel.. The world seemed to move slowly around him. His shoulders dropped and he straightened his back.

"Thank you. Now get that needle out of my arm and we will take care of this mess."

Hershey noticed the change right away, and quickly withdrew the needle. She opened the window and tossed it outside.

"Just get us out of here." She muttered, gripping the armrest once again. She closed her eyes, continuously repeating her words.

"Just get us out of here." She muttered, as the car quickly turned right. She was pushed into the armrest by the turn, but it was a surprisingly gentle force.

"Just get us out of here."

She was slowly placed against the back of her seat as the engine roared and the car surged forward. As she opened her eyes, she could see nothing but black on the road ahead of her. The starry sky was no longer drowned out by the pink neon lights. Hershey grabbed the head of her seat and turned around. The pursuit of flashing lights was far into the distance, growing smaller and smaller with every passing second.

She sank back in her chair and sighed. "I owe you one."

Cuba was silent, staring at the road ahead.

"It's just like the old days." Hershey continued. "You were always so good with the wheel..."

Her voice trailed off as she looked through the passenger window. The desert was pitch black, and the white speckled sky was hypnotizing. After a few minutes, she seemed to spring back to life.

"So where do we go?" She popped out of her chair assertively. "Your friends live a few hours out of the city, right?"

"Yeah." Said a stoic Cuba. "We're going to the Doom Cave. Let me text the guys."



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This blog is pretty much the only reason to visit the OWF at all right now.

And comics.

...imagining this as a graphic novel...

I might need some alone time now.

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