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Might Makes Right?



This phrase, "Might Makes Right" I have been seeing this a lot lately, used to criticize both coalitions. The Doom Squad coalition using the phrase to morally criticize the Disorder War, and the Polar coalition using the phrase to criticize the actions of alliances such as the Doombirds who attack people several times smaller than they are on a regular basis.

The problem is, might does make right. It is not a pithy phrase, we live in a brutal world where the law of the jungle reigns supreme. The only reason there is any peace or safety for anyone in this world is the various consequences that would be inflicted upon a nation that "went rogue" and attacked a protected nation.

Ultimately, the issue is sovereignty. Sovereignty is not an inherent value in an alliance, despite the fact that social norms would dictate that alliances should be viewed as sovereign entities. In my own view, an alliance is not sovereign unless it can defend itself (maybe not win, but defend itself) when attacked, has complete control over their own foreign policy and vigorously defends both when challenged. If an alliance fails to defend its members from attack or allows their foreign policy to be dictated by a third party, they cease to be sovereign as they have surrendered their sovereignty.

Too many alliances take their sovereignty for granted. They surrender their foreign policy to an ally or powerful blocmate, they do nothing when attacked by powerful rogues and cower in the corner. Take back your sovereignty, stop being so complacent and scared.


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Might doesn't make right, might makes what is. Some people think that is right, others do not. Wars happen for various reasons, this being one of them. Its happened since 2006 here, what makes you think its any difference now?

I remember reading about how NPO and the WUT was "might makes right", how they could never be defeated. 2007 came around and the WUT was shattered. Continuum was smashed in Karma, and the cycle of gathering enough strength to smash other alliances continues to this day. Its nothing new, and most alliances who are old enough have been on both sides of such events.

Really, this "debate" on Might makes Right is one of the oldest here. it isn't new or edgy, its old and many peoples opinions are swayed depending on which side they are on the current war where the "might" side is fighting the "right" side.

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