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Thank you War Posters - Now the OWF is fun to read again

Steve Buscemi


I want to thank everyone who is posting, pro-Invicta/Afm, pro-Aztec/Umb. Good or bad posters. Constructive or umad posters, even.

It's what the game needs and I hope it continues post-war even though I doubt it will. :blush:


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since this is an OOC discussion, this is the type of thing that keeps me playing CN, and why I post so frequently, regardless of your political ideals, actually !@#$@#$ discussing them is like 75% of the game.

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I don't think it's all noise the rebel. You can find quite a few tidbits and it's also the who and how they post.

Some leaders have adopted a style to only say positive things about....everyone. It's good politics, just like OOC RL politicians. But those people are also the ones who backstab allies.

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