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Law of Scarcity

Karl Peters


Before I go into some material, please be aware that all laws have been challenged due to the Great Recession. The entire field of economics is now trying to fix the problems and figure out some problems in our formulas. In all my entries, I will try to make law into "law" in order to represent the current situation in the field of economics. Thank you and enjoy!

Law of Scarcity

The Law of Scarcity is the most basic and yet most crucial “law” in economic theory. This “law” is the basis for all current and past economic systems. Without this “law”, economics would have remained a philosophical debate instead of forming into a science and math heavy field of study.

So what exactly is this law? Human beings have unlimited wants, but a limited amount of resources to meet their desired wants. This is meant to be very broad and overlapping definition. Leaving this room for movement allows economists to answer this basic question with many different ideas and formulas.

Applying this to CN seems like a no brainer. We all want to be like Cuba and Hime. Massive nations, enormous amounts of money, and a lot of power. However, we are limited by the coding of the game and the time it takes to grow our nations. The most limiting factor is actually the time required. It takes years of tech deals, rebuilding, and billions of dollars to get anywhere near 100,000 NS, let alone 600,000 or even 800,000 NS.

Sure we could limit the rebuilding by becoming a neutral, but even then you still are limited by time. Without the drive to log in every day for several years at a time, your nation will never reach your ultimate desire. However, Cuba and Hime are limited by the same resources that smaller nations face. Their desires are still unlimited and are ultimately limited by time and the coding of the game.

I will not touch the issues that people have raised with code and formulas. Instead, I will touch on how they limit us. We all have to follow a set code and a set series of formulas. These formulas that allow the game to exist actually bring about a limitation. We all must follow these formulas! We cannot change these formulas. This limitation is purely incidental, but it in fact limits our ability to reach our desires.

This basic idea of scarcity is easily applied to CN. In the Economics departments of CN, we try to take the limitations we are given and exploit them. This idea of exploitation is not one we all think about. Exploitation is taking the laws and theories we are given and try to get the most out of them. Without this basic idea of scarcity and the reaction of exploitation, CN would have never experienced the growth is has since its creation.


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