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A smartish blog begins???

Karl Peters



Welcome to my humble little blog. Before I start actually going around and posting what I want to do with this blog, I figured I would come over and introduce myself. I'm Karl Peters and I am the Minister of Economics for R&R. I have been in and out of the game since '07, traveled many alliances, and held different positions from time to time. I have had this current nation for a year and a half, and been with the Ampersand for the entire time. Do I have any interesting stories? Of course, but those are for me and not the world. :P

Outside of CN, I currently am a Junior at my local university. My major is in History and a minor in Economic Policy Analysis. My main focus is around the Modern European Economies and how they have influenced history and how they might influence future events. The base of my economic thought is a mix of Keynesian and Political Economics. Besides all of this boring stuff, I work full time as a vendor for Coca-Cola and part time as a basketball coach for my local town.

With that basic intro of myself, you might be asking what am I doing here? I would like to bring my classwork and apply it directly to the current set up of CN. That means a bunch of economic theory and "laws" being applied to programs and basic ideas that we have been using for years. Sounds quite boring doesn't it. Hopefully not! I would like to use this blog to not just apply the ideas that I have been learning, but be able to practice my writing and logical thinking in a written format.

When will my first application be up? I am aiming to release my first entry by Saturday, but it could be up as early as tomorrow. All depends on how much I want to ignore my school work. Thanks for sticking around! I hope you all will stay and enjoy this with me.




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Looking forward to seeing your first full entry. I love that someone is writing a blog with a more academic slant, especially in the field of economics which obviously has loads of applications here. :)

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Question: are you going to be employing any game theory? I think that'd be a fun one.

My plan is to first start with some basics and then take on more advance theories and laws. Game Theory is one of those difficult theories that gets annoying once you add more than 3 or 4 games back to back.

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