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From MI6, With Love




Welcome to "For Your Eyes Only", a premier blog about all things MI6. You may be thinking this will be a blog about the internal workings of MI6, and that's partially true.

Don't get your hopes up, I won't be divulging any secrets, we are spies after all. What you'll read instead are different views of everyday life in MI6. This mostly consists of inconsequential topics of discussion, such as the ideal color of grass and what kind of cat food we feed our furry little mousers. I will be taking polls of the membership, and doing interviews, and drafting reports for all to see.

There will be real MI6 news when it's warranted. But we mostly save those for alliance announcements. ;) This is just for fun. So sit back and enjoy! If you have any ideas for topics you'd like to see us weigh in on (IG or RL, though I can't promise we'll take you up on all of them), please feel free to share here, or message me anytime via forum PM.


We'll be talking about our favorite dips! Yes folks, from carrots sticks with ranch, to pita chips and hummus, and everything in between. MI6 will vote on her favorite dips, and I'll ask a few Operatives why they chose what they chose. Stay tuned!



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This is a good example of bad judgement. I would put to you the notion that more exposure for MI6, given recent events, is not a good idea.

Of course, I don't know what I'm talking about, so will read more.

Good luck

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I'd like a dissertation on the importance of hitting Peace Mode when attacked by an alliance one-third your size.

I'd like a dissertation on the ass pounding your alliance received last war.

Maybe we can compare notes.

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