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Rules for a CN Draft game with scoring system.



Just for kicks, I've made a set of rules for anyone wanting to do their own draft and come up with a winner. I have compiled 5 names from the top 55 or so non neutral alliances (some others were not included if I couldn't figure out who the up to date government was).

The government structure in the game is as follows (positions are fixed because each position is scored differently- you can rename them if you want to do theming stuff for fun);


Deputy President

Minister of War

Deputy Minister of War

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Interior

Deputy Minister of Interior

Minister of Economics

Deputy Minister of Economics

To play, move as follows.

1. Determine the number of players (5+ is best).

2. Put list of ruler names through a list randomizer.

3. Select the first (20 * number of players) ruler names and use that as your draft list.

4. Determine the order of selection however you see fit.

5. Select nation rulers one by one until everyone has selected 10. No player may select more than one ruler from each alliance.

Steps 6 and 7 are an optional trading round. Whether or not the trading round is played should be established before the draft list is generated.

6. Each player must select two nation rulers for trade.

7. Players then freely trade those two nations between each other until each player has made at least 2 trades. No player may finish step 7 with either nominated tradebait nation. Players may refuse any individual offer but 2 trades must be done. If only 1 possible trade is left that trade is automatically done. Players who whine should be slapped, repeatedly. A player may finish this period with multiple nation rulers from a single alliance if they somehow pull that off.

8. Players then assign their nation rulers to their government positions.

Scoring is done as follows;

Players check the statistics of the alliance of their nation ruler for each group, and score according to the success of each alliance compared against each other.

Presidents and Deputy Presidents are scored based on Votes percentage (you have to calculate this yourself). Alliances with a higher percentage of voting members receive a higher score.

Minsters of War and Deputy Ministers of War are scored based on Anarchy percentage (you have to calculate this yourself). Alliances with a lower percentage of nations in anarchy receive a higher score.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs are scored based on Peace Mode percentage (you have to calculate this yourself). Alliances with a lower percentage of nations in peace mode receive a higher score.

Ministers of Interior and Deputy Ministers of Interior are scored based on the Alliance Percentage Active. Alliances with a higher percentage active receive a higher score.

Ministers of Economics and Deputy Ministers of Economics are scored based on the Aid Slot Percentage. Alliances with a higher percentage of aid slots used receive a higher score.

Presidents and Ministers score 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 based on rank. Deputy Presidents and Deputy Ministers score 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 based on rank. In the event of a tie between any two or more players in any individual specific position, the scores are awarded evenly;

- Two players discover that their alliances have the same Anarchy percentage, and are ranked second and third accordingly. Both players receive 7 score if the tie is between Ministers of War, or 3.5 score if the tie is between Deputy Ministers of War.

- Three players discover that their alliances have the same Peace Mode percentage, and are ranked second, third and fourth accordingly. All three players receive 6 score if the tie is between Ministers of Foreign Affairs, or 3 score if the tie is between Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

The player with the highest score wins.

Reposting it to blog entry b/c it'll get buried.


Recommended Comments

Alternative additional scoring rules that take individual nations into account:

The currency, government and religion of each nation in the drafted alliance is taken note of, and the number of each counted. The largest in-common government/religion/currency of each group is then scored depending on however many nations share that government/religion/currency. For example-

Alliance A has 5 nations using the Dong, 3 using the Rupiah and 2 using the Dollar. Alliance A therefore scores an additional 5 points.

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Also, list of names. Various important people (or people that think themselves important) may be left out- I simply picked 5 from each government.

182 Fark
905 Fark
Admir TPF
Adolp Mussolini NSO
Aesculus GOONS
Alexio15 Atlas
Aloysius NADC
Altheus UPN
Arsenal 10 RIA
Artigo DBDC
Auctor Sengoku
Aurelius NADC
Autosave36 Sengoku
Badpoet ODN
Baltus VE
Bambi R&R
bdewakantunwan Atlas
Bear Retrieval Unit GOONS
Benji Valhalla
Berbers NATO
Big Ego FEAR
Blade 619 IRON
Blazin Atlas
Brennan NPO
Bud Valhalla
Buffalo Niagara AI
ChairmanHal Valhalla
Chuck Normis CRAP
cmf0203 R&R
CodFCS Legion
ComradeMilton GOONS
Conistonslim STA
constapatedape CRAP
Contra Invicta
Cripple TLR
Crv24 SNX
CubaQuerida DBDC
D Vibianto NEW
Dajabo NpO
DannyTheKiller Sparta
Darkath SUN
Dave Daveson CRAP
David Stilicho TSK
Dcrews FEAR
deadass Legion
DeathAdder Sparta
DemonSpawn R&R
Dexomega UPN
domisi Umbrella
Dutchmaster CRAP
EaTemUp NpO
Ellis Invicta
Emperor Ice NPO
Eregor STA
Erwin Schrödinger NG
EViL0nE Fark
Faroah Sparta
Fen Dorbek SUN
Frawley NPO
Gambona AI
Gibsonator21 MI6
Gingervites TOP
Gofastleft NSO
Goldielax25 VE
grahamkeatley TPF
Grand Ayatollah Khamenei GATO
Grendel AI
GreyOps R&R
HailSatan TPF
HappytheHobo Fark
hartfw Sengoku
Hereno NSO
Hictok TPF
iamthey TOP
im317 RIA
Infant Jihand GATO
Infinite Citadel TOP
Ionabis NATO
jalap MHA
James Maximus MI6
Jekalle NATO
Jesusfreak CCC
Joe Stupid NSO
Johan Pitka NoR
jrkee SNX
Jutopia AB
Kaiser Hanssen NoR
Kapamilya MHA
Kelvinlovedewa NEW
KenMorningstar GOONS
Kesselring TSK
Kestral TLR
Kharn420 NADC
killer04 Legion
Killjoy123 MI6
King Brandon TOP
King Gregory GATO
King Xander NG
KirstenMichelle NSO
Konkrage Legion
Kryievla Valhalla
Kutumoncrot NEW
Kuzuryusen TOP
Landon Esser NATO
Learz Invicta
Leeguy TPF
Legion-X SNX
legoboyvdlp CCC
Lemax GLOF
Letum NPO
Levistus Valhalla
Lieutenant Yenroh VE
lilweirdward CCC
Llanowar Elf CCC
lolatyou TTK
Lord Boris FEAR
Lord Nettles NG
Lord of Darkness NPO
Mandarijn IRON
Mandystalin TTK
masterofwind ODN
maxfiles GATO
metalbot TSK
MetalSnow Sparta
MikeTheFirst NG
Moon55 FEAR
Mr. Vicarious Fark
MrHiott Umbrella
MutedFaith R&R
MvBomber MI6
NBForrest NpO
Nitro AB
Ogaden RIA
Oro Ibah Aozpi NoR
OsRavan ODN
p8antballer SNX
Penedono GLOF
Pezstar STA
President Gunn Invicta
President SO Sengoku
Prince Oberyn TSK
Psiosis AB
Pspiz SUN
Quantum Leap NpO
Raistandantilus CRAP
Redneck NoR
Regent Pancras Legion
Relapse SUN
Rhizoctonia IRON
Rifleman TLR
Robster UPN
Roquentin Umbrella
Roughrider SNX
Rushsykes TLR
Rustikus TTK
Sailor MHA
Sam The Reaper SUN
Saphyre AI
Sardonic GOONS
Sarkin AB
Saxplayer Atlas
Schad Sengoku
Scytale MHA
Seprinth STA
Seuwp UPN
Shadow RIA
Shergzus CCC
Sherman GLOF
SlimCad Atlas
sojourner TTK
SpanktheFrank AI
Starcraftmazter DT
Stefano Palmieri TLR
Stewie NG
Supa troop3r DT
Supreme 142 VE
Sweeeeet Ronny D VE
Tayloj DBDC
TBRaiders DBDC
Teredona TTK
Terrence Krillins DT
The Warrior IRON
TheDoogan MHA
Third King IRON
TimLee Umbrella
Timmehhh DBDC
Timmy09 GLOF
Tmac73 AB
Torchwood TSK
Tsayka NATO
TurnipCruncher NoR
Tygaland STA
Underlordgc UPN
unstpblpimp GATO
Voodoo Nova MI6
Walking Dead GLOF
WarGod0001 NpO
Wayoik NEW
White Majik Umbrella
Xr1 Fatal Instinct Invicta
XxHouseArrestXx NADC
Yerushalayim Sparta
Zaxon ODN
Zygon NADC

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You have left out Starfox101, Schattenmann, RandomInterupt, Doitzel, Chris Kaos, Walford, myself, and other people of renown. Clearly you have poor taste.

Also, list of names. Various important people (or people that think themselves important) may be left out- I simply picked 5 from each government.

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You also forgot Electron Sponge, Ivan Moldavi, Mussolandia, Dilber, and Anthony. There is no Egore or Kevin the Great. There is no AlmightyGrub or Opethian.

As I stated before, you have left out the classics.

And me. I'm in mint condition. I still have my original packaging!

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