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Great Song I Just Found

Malik Shabazz



Any Hip-Hop fans out there will appreciate this. Last night, I found a song by 2Pac called Runnin' From the Police. It features the Outlawz, Biggie, Stretch, and Buju Banton. It was recorded in 1994. It's significant, and almost scary/creepy/weird to listen to, because it is the only known collaboration between 2Pac and Biggie while they were alive. Nonetheless, it's a really good song. The beat is amazing, and everyone in it had good verses.

Three of the Outlawz dropped the first three verses, followed by a solid hook by Buju. Then Biggie and Stretch go back and forth, before Tupac comes in in the last verse and kills it. You may have heard the 2003 version that was remixed by Eminem and Dr. Dre called "Dyin to Live". I prefer the original version to the 2003 version, because it is so much better. So yea, it's the only time Biggie and 2Pac have done a song together; listen and enjoy.



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