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previous events

Tsar Tom I



previous events

a short summary of what has befallen the Russo-Swedish Empire since its dawn.

-29 February 2008

A parade was held in honour of the newly created 1st Guards division

-1 March 2008

The 1st Guards division is sent to Maxedonia

-2 March 2008

The 1st Guards division arrives to Maxedonia

A Lesser riot breaks out near the radio and TV factory in Tombistralen, 4 factory workers where killed and 20 arrested

-3 March 2008

The Russo-Swedish empire has for the first time produced aircrafts

2nd Guards division "Makarov" and 1st Cavalry division are created

-6 March 2008

A large sum of money is sent to Sanitopia

The royal bank is opend in Varberg

-13 March 2008

Harbour built in Varberg

-1 April 2008

The "Puskin Arena" is built in Tombistralen

-20 April 2008

Army facility "Donetsk" built outside Tombistralen

-27 April 2008

Declare war agains Gibraltus after it has attacked Maxedonia

the rocket "Kornilov I" is launched against Gibraltus

the rocket "Kornilov II" is launched against Gibraltus

Riot breaks out after a division from Sanitopia arrived at the Tombistralen railwaystation, multipe people arrested and 4 shot

The imperial army entrench itself

Battle at Saint-Denis

God save the Tsar! The imperial army attacked and won a overwhelming victory, Commander Kuropatkin is awarded with the St:Georges Cross in gold, Imperial cassualties: 588 men 15 armour. Enemy cassulaties estimated:1500 men and 50 armour

-28 April 2008

Second Battle at vid Saint-Denis

The imperial forces are defeated in the second battle at Saint-Denis,Imperial cassualties: 987 men och 68 armour,Enemy cassulaties estimated: 280 men och 119 armour.

Third Battle at Saint-Denis

Once again defeat ,1.104 men lost. Enemy cassulaties estimated: 695 men and 135 armour.

Battle at Le Port

The costal assault on Le Port ends i massive defeat, cassulaties 716 men and 437 armour, Enemy cassulaties estimated: 239 men and 83 armour.

Assault on Varberg

The enemy tries a costal assault on Varberg, but the garrison at Varbergs fort manages to repell the assault. Cassulaties estimated: 276 men and 39 armour, Enemy cassulaties estimated: 966 men and 278 armour.

-29 April 2008

Second assault on Varberg

The enemy manages to get ashore and delivers heavy cassualties, cassulaties estimated: 488 men and 241 armour, Enemy cassulaties estimated: 140 men and 24 armour.

Battle at Varbergs fort.

The enemy tries to storm the fort, but are repelled,cassualties: 88 men. Enemy cassulaties estimated: 132 men and 7 armour

Second battle at Varbergs fort.

God save the Tsar! The garrison counter-attacked and threw the enemy in to the sea. Cassualties: 428 men and 111 armour. Enemy cassulaties estimated: 1283 men and 500 armour.

Second assault on Le Port

Imperial troops manages to get ashore an beats the enemy, no great cassualties on either side: 193 men and 54 armour, Enemy: 578 men and 18 armour.

-30 April 2008

Hallagukian invasion.

Varberg was attacked by the army of Hallaguk but where repelled, cassualties 240 men and 8 armour, Enemy cassulaties: 540 men and 80 armour.

Second Hallagukian invasion.

The Hallangukian army tried yet another costal assault on Varberg but where once again beaten. Cassulaties: 169 men and 8 armour, enemy cassulaties estimated: 253 men and 42 armour

Message recived that our allies have defeated the last of Gibraltus forces, praize the Tsar! Diplomats have ben sent to negotiate peace.

-1 May 2008

First battle at Årnäs

The imperial forces where beaten by the large army of Bristonia.Cassulaties: 181 men and 262 armour, Enemy cassulaties: 121 men och 35 armour

Second battle at Årnäs

The imperial troops fought bravley under he command of C.J Korajev who attempted a counter offensive but where pushed back . Cassulaties: 566 men and 109 armour. Enemy cassulaties estimated: 189 men and 18 armour

-2 May 2008

Peace Declared

-6 June 2008

Royal Bank opened in Tombistralen

-14 June 2008

The school of St: Konstantionvitj opend in Tombistralen

24-27 Juli 2008

The empire is attacked by Spenderland and the Tsar is stranded in his country house in Danmark. The imperial troops fights bravley agains a superior force but riots begin after a series of large setbacks. The 26 of july revolutionaries storms the royal palace at Tsarskoe Selo and declares the Russo-Swedish empire desolved and the tsar to be arrested. The revolutionary leader Johan Liljenkrantz takes over and the formal name becomes "the Russo-Swedish soviet".

-28 July 2008

Maxedonia attacks the revolutionaries, but are halted and instead bombards Tombistralen.

The country Jaymanny thinks they can exploit the situation and attacks but are decisively defeated and forced to seek peace.

-29 July 2008

General Kuropatkin coordinates an assault with Maxedonian forces and recaptures Tombistralen!

-30 July 2008

A small commando squad liberates the Tsar. At the same time Johan Liljenkrantz is executed in Tombistralen.

-31 July 2008

The empire attacks Antalects to support Maxedonia. The armies clashes in skåne and the imperial army is forced to retreat, altough the imperial army inflicted great cassualties it seams like there is 10 for every soldier that is defeated.

-1 August 2008

The empire cant compete with Antalect in military nor economy and with the revolt fresh in mind it seeks peace at any price.

-3 August 2008

Battle at Helsingborg. The Imperial defence works defeats and annihilates the 3rd Army of Antalect! Own cassaulties: 935 men, enemy cassualties: 2835 men.

Peace is later declared.



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