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From forums: A layperson's guide to understanding Francoism

The Zigur


I'm sorry, Space Cadet, but Francoism does not exist even as a pseudo-philosophy. There are no fixed principles, not original ideas or synthesized thoughts. It is merely a word tossed around by Vladimir whenever the NPO needs to justify the unjustifiable. Sure, most people will see it for what it is, but there are enough fools and madmen around who will swallow it hook, line, and sinker that it is still worthy of the arsenal. Which are you?

You are a perpetual broken record, but allow me to try to enlighten you in the absence of the forerunners.

Francoism is the analysis of material conditions that predates our world and arrived from the August Revolution in The Pacific over a decade ago. Francoism is an analysis that endorses the post-revolutionary society, and furthermore, provides a template for a successful alliance and hegemony.

Francoism posits the following:

*That Chaos is the State of Nature and the normal state of affairs among Nations

*That in the State of Nature, Nations are at constant war and unable to achieve their full potential

*That Ordered Anarchy allows Nations to escape the State of Nature without resulting in class warfare

*That groups of Nations establish Ordered Anarchy from Chaos by surrendering National sovereignty to an alliance government

*That multiple alliances form a civilization by respect the sovereignty of other alliances and adopting common legal practices

*That a unicultural civilization, also called a Hegemony, is capable of granting all Nations Freedom of Potential

*That to preserve the unicultural civilization, war must be waged against incompatible, anti-Order philosophies like lulzism

It also posits concepts like democratic autocracy, where all power and all will is voiced through one strong leader, and that this form of alliance government is the most efficient in nature. This is why NPO began to leave the path of Francoism when the Imperial Officers became too powerful and the Emperor too weak. It lead to the adoption of Imperialism and the abuse of Pacifican authority, leading to the Vox Populi revolution.

Another important fact is that Francoism seeks class unity through cultural unity and rejects the dominance of a Userite class over a Feederite class, or a bourgeois class over a proletarian class. Thus, for Ordered Anarchy to work, everyone must be on the same page, adopting the same common practices. The predominant form of civilization has always been Francoist, represented by traditions brought over from the forerunners of The Pacific such as the mutual defense pact, the alliance charter, and the recognition of alliance sovereignty.

When this is fully understood, it becomes clear why so-called liberal thinking is inherently incompatible with the civilization represented in most traditional alliances today. This dangerous thought process championed by some like DBDC leads back to chaos, class warfare and the destruction of civilization as we know it.

Source: An open letter to CubaQuerida


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