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The German Empire Future?



Through the past 2 months, The German Empire has been reforming from the ground up. They have an estimated 34 members and have been a satellite alliance of mainly Sengoku. There have been multiple investigations of TGE in the past, mainly by the Brotherhood of Kings. Yet, with 2 months, no charges have been successfully been made, excluding the Grand Global Alliance(In Anarchy) claim against them almost a month ago.

We are here to discuss both alliances futures as alliances, and there chances of life into the future. For TGE, many hope it will survive, however, it is not yet known of there full intentions. The Grand Global Alliance, however, nobody knows. No one knows if they have disbanded or still exist.

Very little is known, but are these two just alliances that will never get off the ground? Paix officials are at a loss here.


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I know you would never intend this, but to me this seems a lot like the promotion of democratic ideas? I'm not sure if I can know your intentions, but I do know that public appeals of this sort often instill or at least propose a consensus.

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I am not really promoting anything. I am just reporting things that i think may happen. I am not determining anyone's future. And Rotavele, what do you mean? And answer my message.

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