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*I wrote this back in late April in my notepad in-game and thought i would share it with the public.*

I fear this day would come. Today may be the day of my surrender. For the last 3 days we have been engaged in a cold war, and although there have been no casualties, i feel like i have dies 8 times, only with one remaining. Is this a ruthless prank being held by the corrupt Sparta? I haven't a clue what to think. My alliance has no more than 10 loyal men, but may i trust them? I feel the eyes of The German Empire, staring at my nation, and i fear once i release this Peace Boundary, the Antarctican Empire will forever be lost.

On April 22, i reformed The German Empire. Later, my own people betrayed me, called me a traitor myself, and then claimed me an outlaw. Now i sit here, looking at death right in the face as he kills me in my final breaths. But i cannot give up.

Yesterday i formed the Brotherhood Of Kings, an alliance created to promote equality and strength. I got constant pressure to surrender the alliance to TGE, but i refused. Now we stand, approximately 7 members, only 3 official, fighting to stand up for what is right.

But now i ask myself: I am fighting for the position of Kaiser of TGE, but am i actually the true Kaiser? Is it my right? I am lost and haven't a clue what to think. Antarctica is fighting alongside me and the Brotherhood willingly, and we are bringing in hundreds of new soldiers a day for deployment, and hopefully we will be counting thousands soon. But i fear for the ones that trust me. I fear i am a coward.

In the last 2 days, this topic has spread to 3 different threads on the forums. All threads reaching the top in there respective categories. I fear that those who turn against me will remember the name, knights111. I am afraid. But me and my brothers are United as Brothers, and we will Stand Until Death.

Looking back, I am pretty sure that was really dramatized to the point where it was just stupid.



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Thank you.

That is just something that came from me naturally, and i really did not need to put too much thought into it. I just thought it would be nice to show you all my thought process during Cold War II.

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