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Cyber Nations Logos: A brief history



So what's the deal with the logo changes in Cyber Nations? Well I was fiddling around with an image editor this weekend and I liked some of the effects that it was capable of producing. The biggest thing (for me) is that I was able to pretty closely replicate the current logo and save it as a true transparent image. The old CN logo was designed by a player way back in early 2006 but he sent it to me as a jpg image with a white background and so I've always had trouble putting it in front of anything other than a white background. I've tried in the past (and had other people attempt as well) to convert it to an actual transparent image but it always looked pixelated and crummy. I know the new logo will take some getting use to, but it will give me more design options so I'm going to stick with it, unless of course someone else offers up something truly amazing.

So, without further ado, a brief history of the Cyber Nations logos:


The very first Cyber Nations logo. I made it in 2005 and we used it for a couple of weeks before the next logo was offered up.


This was the Cyber Nations logo that everyone is familiar with. It's been with us for over 8 years.


The new logo. I embossed the letters a bit more, made the colors match the game interface a little better, and I got rid of the :: and :: before and after the words. Not sure what those :: were all about in the first place. I kind of like the cleaner appearance without them. I hope you like it.


Recommended Comments

Next year, a week before April 1st, release an update log informing everyone that CN will have a massive graphics overhaul to compete with rising tech levels elsewhere in the cyberverse.

Then change the entire site to MS Paint. Logo, resources, flags, border lines around tables, all the purchase images. And change the font to something comic or scribbly.

A day of that will make everyone appreciate how high tech CN truly is. :P

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now this is a logo :P

or this?


That second one is actually quite nice. It has a stylish, modern cyber feel.

Though, it could do with some color.

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I've tried in the past (and had other people attempt as well) to convert it to an actual transparent image but it always looked pixelated and crummy.


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This is all my fault. When trying to set up the mod blog, I accidentally re-published this post.

Warned for grave dig.

Is it really a gravedig if Admin himself claims he made a new logo yesterday and it was simply an update?

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