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The Pick is In!

Neo Uruk



Whatup playa

after much deliberation due to strength of schedule, the 1st pick of the 2014 CN draft was given to....

DoomSquad. And they, of course, picked the charming Rey the Great, Linebacker from the University of $%&@ Off



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"Hmm, this was an interesting choice by DoomSquad, I mean we all knew they had a need for an experienced and veteran Linebacker, but I didn't assume they were going to reach for ReyTheGreat. I just don't see how his physique, game smarts, and off the field issues are going to help this team. We all know how mouthy and a great game he talks, but he is no Richard Sherman.

Even if ReyTheGreat developed into a pro, I don't think he is in this for the long run. We know he's a money chaser and will follow anyone who offers him the big bucks. That to me spells an inevitable lack of effort he will put into the team. This player reminds me of the same work ethic and mentality and Albert Haynesworth.

I don't see how this will benefit DoomSquad, but apparently they see something in special in the kid that we don't. Overall, I think this was a bad pick by DoomSquad, and they are going to regret this in the near future. But only time will tell."

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We are pleased that Rey the Great has chosen to continue his career as a Doom Squad member. He is a consummate professional whose love and respect for the game provide a tremendous example for all players. Rey the Great has been a very productive player throughout his career and we look forward to his future contributions to our team and community.

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