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Recruit Me



I am looking for the most interesting, provocative, or creative message.

I spent 3 years in CSN as the minister of $%&@, a diplomat, and all around pain in the ass.

I 993 days in NPL as the Warhead of Foreign Affairs, the Warhead of Communications, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Trium. Still an all around pain in the ass.

I have left NPL for reasons given to NPL membership.

So. Go ahead. Recruit me.



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They're a nice bunch of people. Although they're a small bit less abrasive, I see a lot of me in them.

What is this I don't even....
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We at SRA, as it shows have grown quite a bit as of late and had some high quality members join, not known by the community, but they know exactly what they are doing.

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Smurth you have played CN long enough to know what most alliances are about so I won't even attempt to influence you. I do wish you all the best though and hope you stay in touch.

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Ok, I have made a decision. I will tell you that many of my friends have strong-armed me, telling me where I would be a good fit. I'm simply waiting on approval from the AA, before I announce it officially.

Thanks for the fun everybody. Maybe I'll do it again in 3 years.


I have joined SRA. In part, my decision is to spite all those people who thought MI6 was a forgone conclusion. You can't tell me what to do, so heh!

o/all the creative fun that went into my narcissistic vanity and those who were willing to play along.

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