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I meet this Russian Kid recently, and who knew, he likes to drink! So we get along swimingly, and last night we drank through two bottles of whiskey, and a 24 beers, and played poker. While I ate left over white castle, which is ten times better than having white castles as soon as it comes out, it's not as greasy, so guess who is going to just wait till the next night to eat it all the time! I was also teaching him how to say slang words in English, and he was teaching me how to say !@#$ in Russian. We made great strides in Russian/American relations, so much he even invited me to Russia, because in his own words, i'm the coolest American he's meet in months of being here.

So my night was p. dope last night. It was just a nice relaxing fun night. I feel lately a lot of people I know are getting uptight about work, family, relationships, and life in general. They're starting to not enjoy life, for even the small nuances of meeting a new person, and just chilling, and getting to know them. Everyone says your mid-20's are supposed to be fun, and the start of your life, but no one says it's also one of the most awkward transition into being an adult after college, and a lot of people are crushing under the pressure to conform to what their family want of them, in the form of being an adult, and trying to start a family, finding a career, and paying bills on time.

but I digress...

What has been your best night the last week, or two weeks. Did you sit down from the lumbers of work, and read a book? Have a nice conversation with a new person? Any epiphanies.



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I re-read "Paradise Lost" an epic poem by John Milton; an English poet (9 December 1608 – 8 November 1674) for the duration of my seven day vacation beside other scholastic studies. I sampled fine Blue Mountain label Jamaican-style coffee, ate well enough, and remained physically and spiritual attentive, too.

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I actually had a rare fun weekend. Went and hung out with some friends I haven't seen for the better part of a year, ate some great food, sat and enjoyed some music in a public park, went to the bar with a few buddies, discussed history and the classics (something I haven't had an opportunity to discuss with really anyone since college), actually talked to random strangers for once, met some one from a neighboring town more than 300 miles away just by chance.

As some one also in my mid-twenties I have to remind myself to just chill out everyone once and a while and not be so up tight. Trying to be an adult is okay but ya can't let it crush who you are and what you enjoy. At least I hope haha. Thanks BringMeTheHorizon for the post, kinda made me reflect on things a little bit, its always nice to know there are other people out there facing similar/the same situations and challenges you do.

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The last time I hung out with a Russian was in South Korea. She had been recruited to work as a model and ended up being made to work as a prostitute in a club near an American Air Force base.

Fun gal, had an incredibly cynical view on life, though not at all surprising given how things turned out for her. I used to buy her lunch whenever I swung through Songtan's little blackmarket that got most of its wares out of the US PX on the airbase. She had some of the craziest hooker stories I've ever heard.

I met her one day due to me not having enough money to pay for my own lunch and she paid it for me. Given her situation, she was/is a hell of a nice person.

We chat now and again on facebook, she's back home in Russia, going to university. I send her a christmas present every year equal to the exact same value of the lunch I couldn't pay.

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Last time i met a Russian was in New Delhi where i paid for his lunch. He was in India to "discover himself" and int he process had spent all his money on weed and now was waiting for girlfriend to meet him at the subway restaurant after she was done turning tricks so they could discover themselves some more i guess. He had a ham and turkey sandwich no cheese, a soda and a chicken salad.

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