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A Solomonic Primer

HM Solomon I


While in reality, I'm not as full of wisdom as the legendarily wise King Solomon, I figured every blog needs a punny or otherwise amusing title, so I went with The Wisdom of Solomon. Periodically, I'll release a volume containing some (I hope) interesting musings on Planet Bob for you all to enjoy (or not, as the case may be).

I encourage debate and comments, and you'll find that I have no problem engaging in some good old fashion logical argumentation. This means that I will admit when I'm incorrect about something (which is almost a foreign concept around these parts), and that I'll defend my positions when confronted by insufficiently persuading arguments.

It's really about time these forums had some more proper debate and reason, or at the very least something more approaching debate and reason than the animalistic fights to the troll-ridden death that seem to be the norm.


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